2 lines Ethical/Best Sad Shayari in English

Sad shayari in English is a form of poetry that expresses deep emotions of sorrow and heartbreak. It captures the pain of unfulfilled love and the loneliness that follows.

Sad shayari often resonates with those who have experienced similar feelings, offering comfort and a sense of connection. Through simple yet powerful words, sad shayari beautifully conveys the complex emotions of a broken heart.

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Sad Shayari in English

You May Be Not Perfect In Many  Things
But Many  Things Cannot Be  Perfect  Without You

If you get some time then definitely think
Why a careless boy cares about you.

Your shadow is in our heart, your memories are in our eyes,
How can we forget you, your love is in our breath.

True love never ends,
Only with time it becomes silent.

The lesser you care 
The Happier you’ll be

More You Love People,
More they will hurt you

All girls are the same
Then Shut Up & Date one

Things that are bad
Always taste nice Remember that

Don’t expect people to understand your hustle 
When God didn’t give them your vision

I love rumors I always find Out amazing Things
About Myself I never knew

I don’t hurt people with a lie
I just fu*k them with a truth

 Mirror was again caught taking bribe today
There wad pain in the heart and the face was caught laughing.

You give me another sing of love
Tears fall everyday and dry up.

Water is in the rivers or in the eyes
There is both mystery and depth.

Where do you get this stone, just tell, “my friend”
Which people keep on their hearts and forget each other.

 Who is not together even after being together.
It is better if he stays away.

The destination will be found, right by wandering but
Unaware is the one who does not even leave the house

There did not sound, no spectacle.
In moment broken, a trust I had in you

Sad Breakup Shayari in English

If God gave me control over fate,
I’d write my destiny with my own hands.

Your mention became part of blessings,
We’re such people who became famous in the era.

It’s true, not everyone offers a bad prayer,
But see, we don’t always show our pain.

Happy with our defeat, our enemy,
But even our friends aren’t as happy anymore.

Foolish to express pain,
Wisdom lies in controlling emotions.

If love is true, it will happen,
May God drown the one who said this phrase.

Don’t let anyone break someone’s trust,
It doesn’t root again.

Where to find news of your neglect,
My ascent has peaked in your absence.

He seems “alive,” not the “young” one anymore,
Didn’t say don’t go far away, my friend.

Don’t be displeased with our mischief, friends,
These are moments that will be remembered.

I cry even on the separation of an enemy,
You were a friend, and even that friend is now my heartache.

Thinking of reaching out to friends,
Thinking of getting acquainted with everyone.

Friend…friend, no more,
No loyalty in loyalty anymore.

It feels as if “friend,” you’ve become displeased with me,
Just as fragrance separates from the flower.

Looking for reasons to stay alive,
Come, old friend, looking for old friends.

Our enemies were very pleased with our defeat,
But even our friends are not as pleased anymore.

It’s difficult to make someone forget you like this,
That when emotions are in the veins like blood.

Tonight again, in this solitary night, anticipation for that person,
Who used to say, if you don’t talk to me, I can’t sleep.

Sad Poetry in English about Life

Sometimes I think she thinks of me,
Then I wonder what I’m thinking of her.

You’ve lost a person, my dear,
Who talked to God about you.

Conversation until late into the night,
Between me and only me

Best Breakup Shayari 2024

He was leaving, but I couldn’t say,
“Don’t go, engulf me in myself.”

He was leaving, but I couldn’t say,
“Don’t go, engulf me in myself.”

In love, there must be discipline,
Not just breaking hearts, also turning away.

This veil of secrecy is peculiar,
Those who understand emerge, those who don’t scatter.

Until when will you tolerate me?
I can’t see only one face repeatedly.

Everything happens without you,
Just bearable, not livable.

In matters of love,
I’m a little unlucky.

Where to find news of your neglect,
My melancholy at its peak.

For him, just the sorrow of separation,
For me, grief he’ll remember me and weep.

Life is short for desires,
Why live in hatred?

No one complains about life with you,
We haven’t found someone like us.

Seen it hundreds of times in dreams,
You, remaining a dream, O distant beloved.

We go away, yet our story remains,
No path leads us away from you.

Let me die first,
You’ll come to my grave.

What’s there in us that someone remembers?
Good people are forgotten by people.

Birds will fly away like birds,
Dreaming, they’ll look at our paths.

While experiencing this pain,
I have to scatter silently, not watch.

Something in the heart, so deep,
Your smile doesn’t reach your eyes.

I wanted your attention.
But now i have nothing to say.

Broken Heart shayari in English

Broken pieces, shattered dreams,
Silent ache, love’s silent screams.

Think about the chains”
“…killed by words

I’m not surprised, I’m just seeing this.”
“How many people are falling to bring me down.

🙏This is the flaw in the lines of my hand, Mohsin.”
“The person I want is not mine anymore🙏

The cut goes, but the nature of the night is strange
 If you cut it quietly, it becomes a century.

Whispers of goodbye, a somber song,
Love’s farewell, echoes for too long

 There were some bitter truths.
“That all the dreams were broken.

”We have been waiting for years.”
“They came but to leave💥😓

I still remember him.”
“It’s a bad habit, where does it go?”

So when he started to leave me, he came to believe.
“Nothing is necessary except breath

Raindrops mimic a heart’s refrain,
Lost in sorrow, love’s sweet pain.

☹Judge my character, not my words.
“…your presence will be missed, searching for my truth.

☹💥In whose love I became a disbeliever
He became a Muslim for someone else☹💥

He frowns when something is done.
Consider that what belongs to him is a slave
Don’t come back to me as someone else’s
Halala is forbidden in love

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